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Health disclaimer regarding the COVID-19 outbreak

How is Freymiller taking your health and safety into consideration with regard to COVID- 19?

  1. Everyone has individual rooms at the hotel.
  2. Meals for breakfast and lunch are served in individual containers.
  3. Orientation class attendees and office staff will have their temperature checked each day to ensure no one is symptomatic.
  4. Classroom seating is spread out to follow social distancing recommendations of the CDC.
  5. Classroom area is wiped down and disinfected several times throughout the day.
  6. Drivers are welcome to wear protective gloves and masks if they prefer to do so.
  1. Tractors are thoroughly detailed and disinfected prior to use by a new driver.
  2. Hand sanitizers are located throughout the building.
  3. Anyone (including vendors/office employees) seeking to enter Freymiller property must have their temperature taken to ensure they are not symptomatic.
  4. Office personnel have been practicing safe social distances as recommended by the CDC.
  5. Every Friday, Freymiller has a professional cleaning service sanitize and disinfect our offices.


An individual found to have a temperature at or above 100.4 degrees or exhibits other COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to leave the premises. They will be asked to follow certain CDC guidance protocol before returning.

By attending Freymiller’s orientation classes, you acknowledge that your involvement and/or participation is voluntary, and you are acting under your own free will. Freymiller undertakes no direct legal or financial responsibility for your personal health or wellbeing while you are participating in orientation classes including contracting any potential illnesses.

At Freymiller, we offer real trucking to real drivers and we have the real history to prove it – we’re backed by 50 years of excellence and a transformative journey that has brought us to where we are today.

Don Freymiller bought his first set of used trucks and began hauling hogs & cattle – the Freymiller Trucking dream came to life.

A successful first year in business led to a fleet of brand-new tractors.

Freymiller expanded its services, entering into the refrigerated sector.

Freymiller Trucking grew to a fleet of 7 tractors.

In just seven, short years, the fleet expanded from 7 to 56 tractors, with operations ranging from Wisconsin to California.

In an effort to raise the standards of driving professionals, Freymiller became one of the first carriers to start drug testing prospective employees.

The fleet grew to 256 tractors and made its presence as a publicly traded company.

In a matter of three years, the fleet grew from 256 to 710 tractors.

The fleet expanded from 710 to 754 tractors and operations were transferred from California to Oklahoma.

Ameritruck purchased the Freymiller assets, name and logo.

David & Mindy Freymiller along with Don Freymiller, merged together and started D&M Carriers.

The rebirth of Freymiller Trucking began when the Federal Court System granted Don Freymiller the use of the Freymiller name and logo.

Now operating as Freymiller Trucking, D&M Carriers has maintained steady growth, currently sitting at 533 tractors with anticipated plans for expansion.

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