8 podcasts every truck driver should know about

Post Date - Apr 14, 2023

Are you tired of listening to the same songs over and over again on your routes? At Freymiller, we want our drivers to have complete comfort when they’re in the driver’s seat. So, we searched the internet and found the top eight podcasts for CDL-A drivers.

Trucking life

Building community is one of the most beneficial things a professional driver can do for their career. In 2023, we can connect with others not just in-person but also virtually. Here are three podcasts that get you immersed in the nationwide truck driving community.

  1. Talk CDL Trucking Podcast- This podcast has earned the title of the best truck driving podcast on the internet, making it a shoo-in for a spot on this list. The hosts take a comprehensive look at the trucking industry, providing relevant information on trucking laws and other breaking news. They also review trucker surveys and include talking points from fellow CDL-A drivers who tune into the podcast. Join the thousands of other truck drivers who listen in and learn even more about the trucking community!
  2. Trucker Dump- With nearly 200 episodes, this podcast has been on air for awhile and knows how to serve its listeners. They advertise themselves as “A podcast for truckers, potential truckers, and curious non-truckers” meaning that nearly everyone can tune in and feel entertained! Get ready to hear interesting stories from the road as well as comments submitted by listeners.
  3. Big Rig Banter- Have you ever been curious about what a news station that covers only trucking news and specifically interviews CDL-A drivers would be like? Big Rig Banter is hosted by experienced journalists who are committed to both entertaining and educating truck drivers. With exclusive interviews from members of the truck driving industry, this show “gets to the heart of the truck driving community,” as posted on their podcast page.

Talk show

Talk show podcasts let you listen in on an interesting and engaging conversation without the pressure of having to think up any replies! Here are our top three recommendations.

  1. Jocko Podcast- Jocko Willink, the host of this show, is a decorated retired Navy Seal who has taken to the internet to share his unique perspective on the power of discipline and leadership. With topics focusing on business, war, relationships, and everyday life, Willink invites interesting guests to join him on air and share their life experiences. Some of the top-rated episodes include Jocko Podcast 221: Jonny Kim. Navy SEAL, Doctor, Astronaut. The Unimaginable Path and Jocko Podcast 21: With Tim Kennedy & Echo Charles.
  2. This American Life- This show pulls in 2.2 million listeners on their weekly podcasts. Ira Glass, the host, works hard to make journalism entertaining and features compelling stories with humorous moments and plenty of plot twists. Described as a “public radio program and podcast,” each week is focused on a new theme, meaning that you’re sure to never listen to the same story twice!
  3. Trucking After Hours- We almost put this podcast under the trucking life category, but the easy-flowing conversation between the father-son duo that hosts this show changed our minds. Buck and Don Ballard both have years of trucking experience under the belt and took to the internet to create compelling conversation on not only CDL life, but also on pick-ups, cars, and business, taking the podcast beyond just trucking life.

True crime

Here’s your hack to having the hours and miles fly by. True crime podcasts are highly recommended in the truck driving community as their gripping stories suck you in. Here are our top two recommendations.

  1. Criminal- The hosts of Criminal take listeners on a journey through some of the most confounding cases. From plane crashes that happened for seemingly no reason to an entire family passing away from the sudden onset of a mysterious illness, the host Phoebe Judge shares true crime cases that are sure to grab your attention.
  2. Crime Junkie- This weekly podcast makes it impossible for you to ever run out of true crime content. The hosts cover murder cases, missing person cases, conspiracies, and more that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Some of their top-rated episodes include MISSING: Niqui McCown and WANTED: Monster in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Now that you’ve got your OTR listening material ready to go, it’s time to step up your truck driving career! Connect with Freymiller today and learn about our amazing driving opportunities!